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Tarrus Riley – She’s Royal | Official Music Video

Effective leaders honour those who they believe brought them their greatest joys and have stood with them through their deepest sorrows.

So imagine a husband who is just thrilled to have his wife, his family, and all the partnerships that they have forged over the years.  With growing excitement, he calls his closest friends and enlists the support of his children to surprise his wife.  With no more information received about the event or the venue, he sends his wife off to buy a dress for a special occassion.  Absolutely at a loss, and wondering what her husband is up to, she goes shopping to please her love.  Despite the almost revelations made by friends who were secretly called, and children who were out of the loop about their dad’s surprise, no one could have guessed that the lavish spread and the lovely decor was simply to appreciate his wife!

Holidays and special events bring out the best in people!   They allow us to see pass the obvious differences and to celebrate what makes us human.  One of my favourite movies that depicts this was filmed close to Rutgers University where I rode some of the trains some weekends to visit with family and friends. See if you don’t agree as you watch a few moments from the closing scene of Guess Who.

Guess Who 2005 Ending

Holidays also allow us the opportunity of cherishing loved ones that we have lost.  So, when I saw news of my dad’s countryside home recently, I pictured him laughing in delight at how far they’ve come since he sat in those schoolhouses of the 1950s in deep rural Jamaica.

No matter how difficult the task at hand, music always seems to make the day brighter and the work a little lighter.  So let this singing teacher, Elvy Soltau a Science teacher at Denbigh High School, encourage your heart to keep sowing into the lives of your charges wherever you may be.

Creative Teacher On A Mission To Make A Difference/JBNN

In this season, remember that there’s always more than meets the eye at first glance.  Why not make it fun and be open to new experiences. See more in Be Prepared and other offerings at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/KeishaAMitchellPhD .

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