Leadership Qualities: Change Management through Shifting the Burden of Change…

Greta Thunberg full speech at UN Climate Change COP24 Conference (2018).

Effective leaders know that even a good quality product or service can be improved with a few tweaks here and there.

Imagine a bride-to-be preparing for her wedding day.  A lot of effort goes into planning the perfect day with all the perfect accessories.  But, even more importantly, the bride wants to look and feel her best so, much is invested in presenting her best self.  With the aid of enthusiastic family and friends, she begins  a process of enhancing what her husband-to-be already finds beautiful.

Or, imagine a couple that has been together for over 40 years.  The business of life, business, children and grandchildren keep them busy.  But, through the hustle of activities, the husband complements his wife on the newly emerging health and glow of her skin.  She is pleasantly surprised.  And, whispers to him, “It’s the new soaps and moisturizer that I started using.”

Oftentimes we complain about a thing instead of doing something about it. But, YOU can manage change. Change management is “Minimizing resistance to organizational change through involvement of key players and stakeholders.”  


Whether it is dealing with a new relationship or an old one, effective leaders know that desiring change from the other party (or parties) is easier said than done.  The sage leader knows that if change is to take place then it must begin within.  So, they model the new behaviour that they want to see.

The disarming case to act right now on climate change | Greta Thunberg (2018)

Let’s face it, people are often quick to oppose change, and to eliminate what they do not understand.  But, if team leaders begin by acting their way into change, and creating a new level of success, team members will begin to follow or risk being left behind.  And, no body wants to be a relic. So, organizations can take advantage of this adaptable trait by creating a new structure — complete with new processes, workflows, and values — and gradually transfer employees from the old one.

In a world of technology, one way to effectively do this is by maximizing team members’ use of it, efficiently generating feedback .

For example,

IBM recognized the need for such an approach in 2003, when rolling out a new initiative on culture. The leadership team had met intensively to develop clear definitions of the cultural traits the organization would require going forward. They then declared a “values jam,” a website set up for a 72-hour period, where anyone in the company could post comments, responses, suggestions, and concerns. Leaders then made key changes based on the feedback they received and communicated clearly how the input they’d received was being incorporated.

(Atlas Corps, 2019; https://atlascorps.org/change-management-principle-1-involve-every-layer/).

Your interest for change begin anywhere.  Then once you are hooked, do something! Consider how the management of Jamaica’s freshwater resources can inspire you at https://www.dropbox.com/s/civ6jnmfx6lsmdm/Jamaica_CC%26Water2.docx?dl=0 or explore more offerings at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/KeishaAMitchellPhD .

Greta Thunberg – Inspiring Others to Take a Stand Against Climate Change | The Daily Show (2019)

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