Investments: Stocks & Bonds.

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 It will be there when you need it! Especially if you are a low risk taker like me, and you choose sedurities that support industry that you value.

Imagine a little more flexibility in your budget but just could not seem to make it happen.  For years, I have been interested in the stock market, but was too risk averse based on my investor profile to take the plunge.  However, one year I did!  With birthday money.  Not a lot by some standards, but I found an investment house that worked with my budget and bought my first stocks.  Then, I forgot about it, allowing the interest to be reinvested in more stock purchases.  Over a few years, my tiny investment multiplied to more than 15 times it’s initial value.  When I needed it, it was there.

And, it is never too late to start!  Here are a few noteworthy facts about the markets:


If you have never bought a stock or a bond, you can put a stake in the ground as soon as you get some “unbudgeted” money.  Consider the following stats on people who have taxable investment accounts in the leading US markets:

  • 21% of women and 24% of men hold investment accounts
  • 46% of married couples without dependents and 36% of couples with dependents hold investment accounts.
  • 27% of single males with or without dependents hold investment accounts
  • 23% of single females without dependents and 15% of single females with dependents hold investment accounts
  • By generations: 22% of millennials, 29% of Gen Xers, 39% of Boomers, and 53% of Silents hold investment accounts
  • Investors typically have an income higher than $50K, a college degree, high levels of financial literacy, and higher risk tolerance.
  • Race does not matter with just a negligible 4% difference across groups (


So, don’t let anyone talk you out of making a good investment in an industry that you value!  

Investors are globally in the minority, but that doesn’t mean that you are excluded because you did not get a personal invitation!  Listen, I know that if I did it then you can do it too.  Start with what you have, be it $25, $100, or $100,000.  Nobody’s future is at stake but yours.  Put a stake in the ground and tell yourself that it is just a symbol of your brighter future.

I guarantee you that it will be there when you need it the most! 

Don’t forget that good investments are worth the dividends.  While you are searching for investment options, visit and .

Photos by rawpixel and Kevin Harris on Unsplash .

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