Investments: Home.

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 It’s never too late to invest in the home of your dreams!

Imagine a place to call your own.  Chief among your considerations are the neighbourhood quality, crime, access to schools for children, proximity to work, access to public transportation if necessary, and other amenities like – government offices, health services, parks and recreation, and shopping.

In addition to being a good investment that can last for generations, a home offers a place to dream.  Dreams of the future, moments of sorrow and joy, are all experienced in a home.  So, don’t give up on your precious dream. 

Considerations vary depending on global conditions, regions and states, but consider some of the most recent statistics of first time home buyers.  In 2017, most first time home buyers (66%) were 37 years and younger.  Feeling left out, don’t because first time home buyers were in every age category from less than 37 years to the oldest being 92 years (  

Consider for a moment the following:

  • 17% of people under 35 years of age were able to save up for down payments in 2016 which ensured their ability to acquire a home within a year.  
  • 2017 data from the National Association of Realtors showed that buyers found their homes online, 56% of those 36 years old and younger and 50% of those 37 to 51 years old respectively.
  • Buyers older than 51 employed an agent first (

So, what’s on your shopping list as you consider this investment?  Even if you are renting, you can consider the possibility of one day transforming that rent payment into a mortgage payment.  You may not be there, but you can dream and plan for it one day.

May I also point out that your ability to afford a home may require relocating?  For example, if you review the international demand for homes in the United States, you will discover that 6 of the top 20 US destinations for international home buyers are in Florida while California follows with 4 destinations.  Hawaii, Washington, New York, and D.C, were also mentioned among the top 20 favorite areas ( .  

But, don’t just take the numbers as proof.  Do you know of anyone who has achieved heir dreams of home ownership through relocating?  I know of several.  But, there is one favourite story that always thrills me.  This lady had dreamed of owning her own home all her life.  However, with little skills, she had to relocate to another country and raise her children while working low paying jobs.  But the dream never left her.  When she retired, she stunned everyone, including her children by going house shopping.  She found it and paid cash!  With no concerns about a mortgage payment, she settled down to enjoy her home.  Now her family has joined her.  She has the blessing of several generations putting down roots in a place that they can call their own.

So, never say that it is beyond you to ever own a home.  Imagine the possibilities and make inquiries of others who are already successful with their investment to advise you on the way forward.

Good investments pay great dividends.  Don’t forget to visit and .

Photos by Rowan Heuvel, Erol Ahmed and Brian Babb on Unsplash .

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