Because of you, we will survive! Gracias a usted, que va a sobrevivir! Grâce à vous, nous survivrons! 谢谢你,我们会活下去!谢谢印第安海军和所有其他第一反应。

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While you wait for that hand of rescue, know that there are others who are watching and praying that you find your way back to you.

On September 14, 2017 I posted “Finding Your Way Out” for the victims of Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Maria.  As I watch the images play across my various screens, it feels like history is repeating itself in slow motion in a different place as Hurricanes Florence and Isaac, and Typhoon Mangkhut, barrel across regions, countries and towns, leaving devastation in their wake.

We all know someone who knows someone who has been affected by these storms and who are waiting for the storm to pass to find their way back “home.”  But, all of us who have ever settled-in to wait out a storm, know that “home” will never be the same.  Home will have to be renovated.  Home will have to be rebuilt.  Home may have to be recreated – in another place.

No matter what happens, please remember that home is with you wherever you go!

My prayer for all the victims of these dangerous storms of 2018 is that you keep the fire of hope burning until you get back “home.”

Then you will say to your rescuer, “Thank you, because of you we survived!”

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And, if there is any nugget of truth in “Finding Your Way Out,” please refresh your souls for a little while at  .  Or see other options at . 



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