Settling-In with a New Attitude.


Photo by Mark Adriane on Unsplash

  The accomplishment of one dream is the beginning of another!  And when you get there, you have to settle-in.

Isn’t it funny how when we are young we dream of becoming like our parents?  We loudly proclaim all the things that we are going to do when we become adults – making our own choices and making our way in life.  No matter how our parents cautioned us that it’s just not as simple as it looks, we could never be deterred in our plans.

But as we have grown up and we have fought a few battles to attain the things that we hold dear, we have recognized that it really isn’t as simple as it looks.  We recognize that seasons change like the four seasons of the year.  And with every change, there is something new that blooms.  Why?

Because of the road less travelled.  Contemplating the crossroads of life, Robert Frost wrote, “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.   And sorry I could not travel both.I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

When we set dreams for ourselves, they are revealed by the path that we choose.  They are dependent on where we live, who we know, and how fast we expect to achieve them.  If our dreams are bigger than our environment, then it will take longer to meet the right people, learn the right skills and achieve our success.  But, be sure that at the end of the road is the beginning of another.

This month, I want to celebrate with all my friends the accomplishment of all our dreams that have caused us to enter into a new season.  Let’s celebrate all the new schools, new jobs, new babies, new houses, new relationships, and so much more.  Let’s celebrate US as we talk about settling-in to this new season with a new attitude.

Defining a New Attitude.

  1. Confidence – If you’ve achieved a goal that you set for yourself then you should feel more confident about life and your ability to take on new tasks.
  2. Joy – A smile should be on your face when people talk about your victory – new school, new job, new baby, new house, new something!
  3. Strategic Management – Understanding that you cannot do everything because of your last success devise a new strategy to succeed again. Simply do what you do best and surround yourself with others who can fill the gaps for you.
  4. Honour Yourself – Give yourself a gift that commemorates the event for you. Let it be something tangible, and a little more lasting than ice-cream or pizza, please!  You want it to be visible so that whenever you look at it you recognize the power that you have within yourself to define your world.
  5. Help Someone Else – Who is following you? Accomplishing dreams means that there are others involved in the dream-making.  Some of these others are looking on and wishing that they were you.  Select one.  Look for one who will hear you.  One who will keep pace with you.  And, make an investment – time, knowledge, and skills.  When they win, you will win also.  You are also ensuring that your dream will keep expanding in different directions because the lessons you share with them will inevitably benefit others.

Photo by Calvin Kan on Unsplash


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