Summer Recreation: The Pool…

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It’s absolute luxury as you immerse yourself in the cool, gentle ripples/waves.

Some of my most memorable joys of summer holidays are of waking up and going for a morning swim. In the glorious heat of the summer it was heaven to immerse myself in the wonderful luxury of the swimming pool in the backyard. It was even more enjoyable when I was surrounded by friends. I fondly recall a summer visit with a dear friend and her family. I was in the pool every morning! On the days when we had activities planned for the morning and I did not have time for a swim, I took my tea and fruit out to the poolside and dipped my feet in the water.

On another occasion, my family and I decided to go to the pool in the complex one evening. It turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to get out with the neighbours while enjoying family fun. We laughed and had a great time as we kicked and splashed with the kids. After our swim, we enjoyed snacks and chatted about other opportunities to repeat the wonderful time.

Do you remember bath time as a kid? Do you remember crying to be taken out of the water? If you don’t remember for yourself, how about bath time with your kids? Do you recall the delightful squeals that they make surrounded by their bath toys or trying to swim in the tub? I don’t think we ever lose the pleasure of water since it was our first home.

(Zen Photographer of

So, when was the last time that you just enjoyed the relaxing feel of lazing in a pool? Don’t have access to a pool? What about a river, or the beach? As a child, I used to spend some weekends with my friends in the country. They lived in a cottage on the beach, and every morning, and sometimes in the evening after dinner, it was the greatest fun just get into our swimsuits and head for the beach.

Enjoying the pleasures of the pool this summer can be affordable as some hotels offer day passes where you can use the pool. Or, try the local gym. There are so many ways to cool down with water this Summer – pool, river, or sea. So, beat the heat with a little water fun!

Nature’s bounty is bearing fruit. With just a little more time to reach it’s fullness it will be available to you. Until then check out Teachers, enjoy For a Teacher’s Heart which was written just for you.

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