Recreation: Travel.

unsplash-logoAran Mtnez

Hey everyone it’s Summer again. What are you going to do with the warmest months of the year?
Everyone needs rest and rejuvenation from the months spent fighting the traffic when the kids are at school. Whether they are your kids or not, coordinating your activities around their schedules of pick-ups, drop-offs, overnight visits, and more, as well as making it to work on time can be exhausting.

So, beyond breathing a little easier on the commutes between work and home, adults have an advantage where they can plan some rejuvenating travel experiences for themselves, and if applicable, for your children too.
If you don’t think travelling broadens your perspective on the world consider talking to a few of some noteworthy people who have impacted their world through their travels. On the list are: John Butcher, Oprah, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, TD Jakes, and a host of goodwill ambassadors down through the years. Authors and researchers also travel for new inspiration or to conduct research. On that list are V.S. Niapaul, Louisa May Alcott, Carl Jung, and Hofstede.

Trips do have a cost, but they do not have to break the budget. They can range from day trips to a botanical garden, a theme park, a national museum or other heritage site, the beach or the river. Some people do road trips and overnight in a different town or city each day. Or you can plan a weekend trip with your family.

Some of our best memories as a family were made on those rare trips when we could all travel together. One holiday, my Dad booked us into a villa and we all went, including a number of extended family members. It was so much fun that we still talk about it today. We splashed in the pool as many times for the day as we wanted under his watchful eyes, and rode around in the water on his back, taking turns for dunks one at a time. We also walked down to the beach to splash around, build sand castles and collect sea shells.

Other travel involves booking flights and hotel rooms. This is a great way to escape for a romantic vacation, a holiday with the family, or a time of personal rejuvenation. I know some people who travel to retreat centers for some “me” time because they don’t have a lot of time, but they want a place for reflection and soul-searching.

No matter how you travel, you will experience the local culture and learn something about your hosts. In your attempt to discover how the people who live in these places build their lives and their families, you will find reasons to be grateful for your life. As you explore their infrastructure, enjoy their food, music, and art, you will feel refreshed in the simple beauty of their life and the new tastes offered to you.

Friends, the world is as big or as small as you make it. Prioritize travel today. Start with a virtual tour of a city (or place) that you have always wanted to visit. Then visit a closer destination that you can afford while you plan your ultimate vacation.

Here’s to you experiencing an expanding world this summer! It could be to the countryside to visit family members and friends, a day trip to explore nature and history in all its boldness, or a month abroad for study and travel. Whatever you do, enjoy it!

A celebration of the bounty of nature is the next project on the table. Until it bears fruit, please enjoy what is already available at Teachers preparing to go back to school in a few months should check out For a Teacher’s Heart which was released recently.

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