Celebrating Dad: A Father’s Game.



There’s a lot to learn about strategy in the art of winning and being a good sportsperson if you pay attention!

I came home at almost 3 a.m. this morning.  A lot of people who know me well would be surprised because I am not the kind of person who enjoys what Jamaicans call “bleaching.”  But, I was invited to a domino game by some friends and decided to go.

Why?  Simply because it was my father’s game!  And, I enjoy being with the men he shared with as friends.  I do little more than match the cards on the face of the dominoes, but my dad had trophy after trophy after trophy from winning domino tournaments.  When he didn’t win trophies, he won prizes that involved small treats that he always brought home for us.

As I watched the hands below playing, shuffling the cards, playing the first card and filling out the table with whatever design their reading of the game would produce, I discovered more strategy in this little game of my father and his friends.

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As we consider the games of our fathers, what games did you or do you play with your dad?  Consider their concentration as they “read” the game.  If they are playing a partner round, consider the looks exchanged and the comments made when they congratulate each other, or wonder in amazement how the other could “block” them with a careless move when they “saw” what they were planning to do.

In this world of men’s games, their children are invited to see how they pass the stress away.  They also learn how the hours can pass away without notice!  But, these prized children are invited to learn how to read the signs on the table of life.  They are learning how to help their partner get through the next round.

For those of us who pause long enough to watch and learn, we understand very clearly that winning is not an individual effort nor is it a solitary victory.  If the partner is set up to win, then the team wins.  If the partner is blocked from the next round, then the team loses.

Father_Game_3_end[1].jpgSo, as we continue to celebrate Dads in the month of June, remember that we are playing partner’s rounds in this game of life.  Check your deck, check your hand, and look out for your partner.

Check out possible gifts for Dad this month at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/KeishaAMitchellPhD.  Help him to “read” his sons and his daughters better, or just give him a healthy dose of encouragement for the job he is doing.


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