This smart phone will do all the amazing things that you need to do on the go: make clear calls, deliver data over high speed connections, capture great moments with its built in camera, and so much more.

The promotion is so convincing that you purchase the device after viewing a demonstration.  However, once you get it, you have to learn how the features work to provide maximum benefit for your money.  How do you do this?  By watching more instructional videos or reading the manual.  Then, one by one, you try each feature.

When you are pleased and it performs excellently to keep you connected and productive on the go, you tell others about it.  Why?  Because it has fulfilled its purpose!

The same process is required in discovering your purpose.  Since, human beings are God’s perfect machines, permit me to use some mechanical illustrations which are easier to understand.

Your purpose can be unlocked by answering 3 simple questions.  They are:

  1. Why was it created?  

The presence of our smart device means that someone had a communication problem while travelling and so someone engineered a solution.  As the needs of the end-users became more sophisticated, ranging from business needs to personal pleasure, the devices also became more complex.  Ultimately, smart devices have continued offering a range of features to satisfy the end-user’s needs.

Your presence reveals that you satisfied the end-user’s initial need.  You survived the pressure of birth, to be cleaned and placed in waiting arms.

So, your life solves a problem for the once empty arms that received you.  Your life also solves a problem for those who cared for you through infancy – fed you, cleaned you, and rocked you to sleep.

As you grew, you begin to do small acts that pleasured those around you – sing, dance, talk, and more.  At school, you were introduced to a structured programme of learning that allowed you to organize the ways in which you pleasured the world.

It is the pathway to confirming your purpose.

  1. How has it been pressure tested?

What is pressure testing?  Have you ever seen documentaries or infomercials where engineers crash test motor vehicles?  What are they looking for?  Among all the questions that they need to answer, they need to know the maximum speed that the vehicle can travel at safely without entering into a collision by braking quickly.

They also need to know how much impact the collision will have against different barriers – cement walls and highway barriers, metal fencing and steel doors, wooden gates, and more.

Placed under extreme pressure, engineers will discover the strength of the material that constructs the body of the vehicle, and how well the front-end parts will protect the engine and the interior.  If a body dummy is placed inside, then the engineers can also determine the impact that the collision will have on the human body.

So, when you purchase a car because of the safety features that have been added beyond those of other models, you trust that it will protect you in the event of an accident.

The same is true for individuals who test you in different ways.  What are the things that aggravate you?  How do people push your buttons?  These are signs to what problems you are created to solve.

  1. What medium tells its message of survival best?

Considering my environment, what is the best way to get my message out to my target audience?  If I am promoting the safety features of a motor car, then where do car buyers go?

Those with smart devices, start their research online.  They look at the manufacturer’s records and the selling points of the vehicle.  This includes safety, luxury, utility, gas/electric mileage (highway miles vs. city miles), and any other bonus features.  These features together will reveal the class of the motor vehicle.  End-users have their choice of trusty economic buys like a Saturn sedan or a luxury BMW SUV.

So, you see, the purpose of a thing is revealed in the intention of the creator, not always the intent of the end-user.  Here is a word of caution: If an end-user misunderstands the purpose for which you were created, their treatment of you could be abuse (abnormal use), which hinders you from seeing your purpose.

However, if your end user understands the power of design they are positioned to confirm your purpose.  If they have keen insight into how a thing is formed and then fashioned into this perfect creation, then your purpose will be revealed as you deepen that relationship.

Think for a moment about the people who confirm your interests.  Think about those who acknowledge your contribution and, most importantly, who reward your efforts.

There is your answer to purpose!  There is confirmation of your solution, your adversity, and your profession.

So, do not worry about your future just yet.  Assess where you are.  Look for where you provide a solution to others.  Look for where you have been tested and strengthened.  That is your profession. 

Take the first step to unlocking your purpose today by selecting from several books that I have to offer you on maturity, leadership, and change.  See http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/KeishAMitchellPhD

Remember, Dear Little Brother, … is around the bend.

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